IMS: Integrated Management System

Firooz Hygienic Group, as the first children healthcare manufacturer in Iran, has developed its quality and development policies based upon the requirements of the IMS (Integrated Management System) (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007), which are accessible to any stakeholder. The policies are categorized as follows:


  1. Customer-centricity: Customer satisfaction through a new and systematic approach to identifying and providing customers with the necessary demands and future requirements based on national and international standards, and achieving this by assessing current products as well as producing new products, in addition to increasing the number of channels of communication with customers, especially presenters, sellers, and consumers.
  2. Continuous improvement: Applying appropriate and effective approaches inspired by the core principles governing Integrated Management Systems in order to create and understand the need for continuous improvement at all levels of operation and research, including formulating and producing organic products.
  3. Human resources: Developing human resources cooperated at all levels of the organization with a special viewpoint toward the philosophy of organizing and improving the level of attitudes toward limited manpower, yet still capable (disabled), through identifying, categorizing learning requirements of them, and training them in order to meet their needs and providing balanced business outcomes in the field of employees, community, customers, and suppliers, and eventually obtaining key performance results.
  4. Suppliers: Rebuilding and redefining and creating synergy with suppliers and contractors through an agreement on employing their identification, evaluation, selection, and effective systems for obtaining common results in the area of ​​customer needs.
  5. Environmental and work place conditions: Practical commitment and obedient to all legal and environmental requirements, safety and health regulations, and measurements in accordance with established national and international guidelines and standards established in health and beauty industries. In addition, making efforts to prevent accidents, occupational injuries, and environmental pollution, as well as reducing the operational risks associated with safety hazards and environmental aspects through the development plan and operational strategies of the group along with making fundamental changes in the infrastructure of the organization in order to consider customers, domestic, and foreign applicants.
  6. Developing novel management: Efforts are done to develop other laboratory standards and adopt strategic management approaches in the forthcoming years.

IMS policy reflects the commitment of management to the quality of products and the optimal use of resources, the preservation and control of environmental consequences, the control of occupational safety and health risks, as well as formal announcements to all institutions and organizations that require products or are volunteers to provide any kind of services to Firooz Hygienic Group. If required, this policy will be upgraded at management review meetings.

Chief Executive

Seyed Mohamad Mousavi