Marshmallow Soap

Soothing & moisturizing 

    • A gentle soap for delicate and damaged skin 
    • Contains mallow for its mucilage ability that prevents allergens from irritating the skin 
    • Pectin and starch that exist in mallow for their ability to prevent allergens and irritations on the skin 
    • Suitable for adults with sensitive skin


  • Soft cleanser for delicate and damaged skins
  • Containing marshmallow extract containing mucilage that prevents the activity of allergenic agents on skin
  • Pectin and starch in the extract prevent skin irritations
  • Containing lanolin to keep skin moisturized and softened
  • Containing coconut oil for softening skin more
  • Containing beeswax that protects skin against cold, wind, and adverse environmental factors
  • Suitable for children’s delicate skin
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skins
  • With natural color
  • Packed in 120-gram packages


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