Aloe Vera Cream

Nourishing and softening


    • Extract of Aloe Vera for its softening and anti-inflammation properties 
    • Lanolin to protect skin’s moisture and softening ability 
    • Honeycomb for its protection against cold, wind, and environmental pollution 
    • A PH balance compatible with skin 
    • Suitable for delicate infant skin
    • Soothing for irritated and inflamed skin
    • Calming skin allergies


  • Strong skin healing and protector
  • Containing Aloe Vera extract with strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Containing lanolin for moisturizing and softening skin
  • Containing beeswax that protects skin against cold, wind, and adverse environmental factors
  • Neutral pH
  • Suitable for children’s delicate skin
  • Suitable for treating eczema and scars left from acne
  • Suitable for primary treatment of superficial burns
  • Suitable for treating freckles and long-term skin lesions
  • Packed in 50-g lamination tubes


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