History of Firooz Hygienic Group

Firooz Hygienic Group was founded in 1974 with the participation of Johnson & Johnson Company as the first baby hygienic producer in the Middle East.

The company was bought by Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi in 2000. Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi tried to employ more and more disabled people since he himself had a walking disability since childhood and was the founder of NGOs for people with disabilities.

In 2003, 210 people were working for Firooz 86% of whom had disabilities such as hearing-impaired, visually impaired, or physically impaired.
Firooz hygienic company with about 45 years of experience, is currently one of the largest Iranian companies that are exclusively engaged in designing and distributing baby hygiene products. precise and dynamic formulation، using high-quality raw materials and implementing comprehensive quality control are the advantages of this company, which we have been keen on maintaining and enhancing. In 2008, we obtained the certificate of I.M.S (integrated Management System) from U.R.S England. Paying attention to the needs and demands of consumers, continuous quality improvement, Extensive product distribution, Provide better customer service, paying attention to innovation in the formulation and its optimization in accordance with the latest scientific findings are the permanent goals of the Firooz hygienic company.

Today, Firooz international company has more than 1100 employees with over 130 products.
Whats is Firooz’s mission? Producing high-quality baby hygiene products and empowering people with disabilities.
Word of CEO: ” We do not tend to copy what European companies are doing and try to employ more and more of young workforce even if that means less profit.”