About Firooz Hygienic Group

Firooz Hygienic group is the first company to have produced baby hygiene products in the Middle East.
Firooz Hygiene Group began working in partnership with Johnson & Johnson of America in 1974. They are now considered the biggest manufacturer that specializes and produces a large variety of baby products within the group of five manufacturers.
All Firooz Company products have been developed in research and development (R&D) laboratories especially concerning each ingredient’s suitability for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. Every step is taken in the development of each product to ensure that it is safe, desirable, and meets the customer’s requirements.
Our core belief is a continuous program of research & development, always striving to improve, innovate and develop better and better products to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements for new and better products, also keeping in line with the latest scientific developments and discoveries to develop both better and new formulas of the highest standard. Firooz Company received IMS Certification for its Management System in 2008 from the URS Company in England.
Firooz Company is taking steps to increase and expand its products based on the high demand for its products and how well they have been received by their customers. With the continued high regard and support of their customers, hopefully, they will soon be launching new products for their customers.