History of Firooz Hygienic Group

Firooz Hygienic Group was founded in 1974 with the participation of Johnson & Johnson Company as the first baby hygienic producer in the Middle East. Today after more than 40 years, this group provides numerous products, as the largest manufacturer of specialized baby products in five categories.

All of the products of company are studied and formulated in collaboration with research and development centers (R & D), and then are reached to production stage after periodic clinical trials and various tests on raw ingredients and proofing the compatibility of the products with subtle skin of the children.

Some of the permanent goals of Firooz Hygienic Group are to pay more attention to needs and demands of consumers, to increase the quality of the product, to distribute products widely, to provide customers with better services, to pay attention to innovative formulations and optimize them in accordance with the latest scientific findings.

In this way, Firooz Group puts new steps toward the development of products under the auspices of God; there is the hope to be accepted by the largest supporters of Firooz, whom are the consumers of the products.