FIROOZ Hygienic Group commenced production in 1974 in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Company of America, As the first company of Baby sanitary products in the Middle East. Today after 34 years, it presents various products in 5 product groups as the biggest specialized company of baby products in Iran. All the company products are studied and formulated in the Research & Development(R&D)dep. with cooperation of scientific labs. After periodic clinical trials and various tests on raw materials and verification of the products compatibility with Babies delicate skins, reach production stage.

Some of FIROOZ Sanitary Group’s permanent objectives are as follows considering consumer needs, advancing quality of products, distributing wide range of providing, better services to the customers, addressing the advancements in formulation and optimizing them according to the latest scientific finds, On this course, FIROOZ company, under the auspices of the God Almighty and support of the consumers, has taken new steps in developing its products, trusting it to be recognized by strongest supporters of FIROOZ Company and consumers of its products.

Firooz Hygienic Group is leading manufacturer and distributor of baby care products in Iran since 1973. New formulations and HQ raw materials supplied from reputable worldwide sources beside extensive QC system lead us to offer high demand baby to market for more than 40 years. We are granted to IMS certificate (Integrated Management System) in 2008 by British U.R.S organization.



Firooz Hygienic Group established as first manufacturer of hygienic baby care products in the Middle East with partnership of American Johnson & Johnson in 1974. Now, after 40 years of continual growth, we are most important manufacturer of Baby care products in 5 product category in the region.

Our well- equipped R&D department formulate the products with applying raw materials approved by CE and MOH of Iran, benefiting from recent international researches and innovations in baby- safe hygienic section according to consumer demands. Prior and after releasing the products to market, we control the safety and efficiency of products with variety of clinical test methods to measure harmlessness of our products to sensitive skin of babies, children and adults.

Consideration of the consumer demands, continual promotion of the quality, wide distribution of the products, provision of best services to the costumers, innovation in the formulations and their optimization according to the latest scientific discoveries are amongst the permanent goals of Firooz Hygienic Group.

In this pathway, thanks to God’s help and with the support of our consumers trust, we have taken new steps towards product development with hopes to gain the consent of our customers.


Our policy

IMS (Integrated Management System)

Firooz Hygienic Group as the first manufacturer of baby care products in Iran has established the policy of its quality and development based on the requirements of Integrated Management System (IMS) ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 which is available to the company’s all due personnel as described below:

  1. Consumer-orientation: consumer satisfaction through a new and organized vision towards identification and provision of the customer’s current and future requirements and achieving this goal through revision of the current products, new products as well as growing direct contact with the customers, specially representatives, sales agents, sales persons and End-user customers.
  2. Continual improvement: Application of appropriate and effective solutions based on Integrated Management System ethics to create and understand the requirements of continual improvement in all operational and research levels including design and production of organic products.
  3. Human resources: Development of human resources in all corporate levels with a special look towards philosophy of company’s establishment and promotion of attitude to limited but capable (disabled) human resources through identification, classification of the educational needs to fulfill the demands and achieving balanced results in the field of personnel, society, consumers, suppliers and achieving key functional results.
  4. Suppliers: Reorganization and revision and creation of a synergistic environment with suppliers and contractors through applied scientific agreement on using identification systems, evaluation, selection and application systems to achieve joint results which is fulfillment of final customer needs.
  5. Environment and workplace condition: True obligation and applied commitment with all legal necessities and environmental laws, health and safety regulations, measurements based on internal and foreign guidelines and standards which are advised for cosmetic industries and making great efforts to prevent contamination due to development of the factory, operation lines and making structural changes in the infrastructures of organization in order to consider the customer’s and neighbor’s internal and foreign applicants.
  6. Strategic planning: Operational planning to achieve the organization’s ambitions and planning minor goals by effort of all managers and employees to achieve the organizations horizons.

IMS policy is a proof of management’s commitment to the quality of products, optimum use of the resources. It is also a proof of maintaining and controlling the environmental outcomes, control of occupational health and safety risks of all organizations and institutes who seek products or services from Firooz Hygienic Group.

Managing Director

M. Mousavi

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