“Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” meets Alba Film Festival

The Documentary film “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man“ that portraits lifetime of DAT׳s founder, managing director of Firooz Hygienic group as well as national outstanding entrepreneur, meets Alba Film Festival.

According to Peyk-e Tavana, the documentary film which has been produced based on the lifetime of Sayed Mohammad Mousavi, indicates that not only people with disabilities do not need to be pitied indeed; but also they can be successful in different affairs in society so that they make to create the situations for others in fields of their employment and independence.

The film narrates the lifetime of Sayyed Mohammad Mousavi, national outstanding entrepreneur as well as social activist in the field of the disabled, who finds different sight towards the handicap through his mother’s mental and moral support and indeed he engages in field of industry area and accordingly, he creates more than 600 fixed jobs for people with disabilities.

The film narrates the appropriate attitude towards people with disabilities as well as trust to their capabilities. The film shows that not only people with disabilities are not considered as the burden to a society, but also they can remove heavy problems of their societies through their activities and effectiveness.

In its first world attendance, the documentary “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” will compete with 21 documentary films from different countries in the section of Short Documentary Films Competition.

The documentary was screened at the National Film Festival of Industry and Technology and was rewarded for best directing; and through achievement of Alba International Film Festival, it is provided to screen in New York.

The documentary “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” directing by Ata Mehrdad and Siavash Jamali will be screened at Alba Film Festival in New York in October 26 to 28, 2015.

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