The chairman of Tavana association`s Board of Directors recognizes as a national competent manager

In the second national session of national competent manager, the chairman of Tavana association`s Board of Directors, association of people with disability, was honored as a national competent manager.
Peyk Tavana: On July 29th and in the second national session of national competent manager which was held with participation of experts, elite, and managers in IRIB international conference center, “Seyed Mohammad Mousavi” was distinguished as a national competent manager and was honored.
In this session, Mousavi said that making job positions is a type of Jihad in the way of Allah and asked entrepreneurs and employers to let people with disability show their abilities.
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi expressed that I am not only an entrepreneur but also Allah has given me opportunity to worry about and to involve in social issues. He added: “my organization and I consider industry as a means to solve the social problems.”
“Firooz is a brand which has competed with many different types of imported foreign brands with similar products and has overcome in the market based on the efforts of the disabled employees. It gives us great pleasure that Firooz products is well-known in whole of Iran and society has confirmed it”, Mousavi said as one of the best national entrepreneurs.
He pointed to this fact that more than 92% of employees of Firooz hygienic group are people with disability and implied that: “We do not use automation technology in our production line and so we can make jobs for people with disability although by this measurement the cost price of our products increases and marginal profit decreases.”
Mousavi said: “People with disability work in Firooz factory; they produce shampoo, soap, and other hygienic products. If our products are accepted in the society today and if Firooz is one of the biggest and the most powerful producer of the baby hygienic products, it is because of the endeavors and efforts of such dear people.”
Also, this social activist added:”I do not consider myself as the owner of the fund but I am the keeper of the fund and I try to give opportunity to the people with disability to have job and income.”

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