DAT participates in the conference “From Exclusion to Empowerment: Role of ICT for Persons with Disabilities -UNESCO conference, New Delhi”

Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, chairman of the Board of Directors of DAT which was elected as an active NGO for people with disabilities participated in the conference in Delhi as the elected one.

The conference was held in New Delhi in India regarding to potential of the conference in updating and improving the knowledge and technology for experts in the field of disabilities.

“It is worthy to be organized the same actions in Iran like Delhi conference; since the same conference makes promotion of level of knowledge, information and technical ability of students and experts in the country. The presented proposal in the conference which was implemented experimentally did not respond the needs of people with disabilities and it should be replaced more comprehensive plans in order to lead to correction of society insight. One of the obvious cases in the conference included attending great companies which have made great measures with social approaches to empower people with disabilities” Mousavi said. He continued activities and contributions of participated companies should be supervised by UNESCO in order to be taken essential actions in line with NGOs activities.

Familiarity of NGOs in the field of disability is accounted as the considerable note of the conference and through organizing such conferences it was provided communicating and share of experiences effectively and permanently.

Mousavi pointing to the fact that “people with disabilities should be equipped through science and knowledge in order to be able to take the intellectual and scientific affairs in the community,” said “I believe that jobs divide in two categories, the first, affairs that are done by hands and the second that are accomplished through power of reason.”

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