Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO visited DAT

On the International Day of people with disabilities Iranian Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Dr Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi, and his accompanying delegation visited DAT to commemorate the International Day of people with disabilities.
Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi in visiting DAT said “Development is not possible without participation of all classes of society in the development axes and has no real meaning.” Saeidabadi and his accompanying delegation pointed to their attendance and familiarity with DAT as a great honor. He emphasized that development and popularity of a country depends on participation of all classes of the society.
“Surely people with disabilities are one of the society groups and although they have limitation in part of their mind or body, but they have capabilities at other parts that should be nurtured. He also stressed disability does not mean inability.” Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi added.
“People with disabilities should find their original positions in the society and it should be run appropriate approach to their abilities so that the authorities also believe it.” Iranian Secretary-General of National Commission for UNESCO continued.
Saeidabadi while emphasized that handicap is just limitation not inability said “DAT has a significant feature. It means that looking for central, basic, accurate and wisely work has been selected as the association caption.”
“DAT`s responsibility results empowerment of people with disabilities and introducing and internationalization of DAT`s view are considered as our duties” he added.
Saeidabadi described that “The right of Iranian disabled community`s expectations in the areas of education, accessibility and etc. should be raised and the experiences of DAT should be shared in other countries.”
By referring to unlimited achievements of athletes with disabilities in the world ranks he stated that “This issue indicates that people with disabilities attain to great success if they enjoy facilities and attention. He also said their success in sports, indicates their significant capabilities at other areas like science and economic and etc.
Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi continued “all NGOs throughout the country will be gathered as soon as possible and it is asked DAT to reflect its knowledge and experiences.”
At the end, he visited different parts of education, handicrafts, library, and media units, as well as production line of Firooz hygienic group and disabled employees in DAT.

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