a mild detergent for dry and sensitive skins.

  • Contains wheat germ oil, for the purpose of protecting skin against free radicals.
  • Full of vitamin E, in order to preserve fresh feeling, leniency and softness.
  • Mild cleansing agent and suitable make-up remover.
  • Contains Coconut oil, for emollient purposes.
  • Contains Lanolin, for preserving skin ُs moisture and more skin softening purposes.
  • Contains natural beeswax, which protects skin against cold, wind and unpleasant
  • Environmental elements.

    Wheat germ oil in this soap contains high amounts of vitamin “E” which nowadays is famous as a miraculous and panacea anti-ageing factor. It protects skin against free radical’s activities, protects skin’s structure and also prevents early ageing of the skin and is anti-wrinkle agent.

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