a mild detergent (cleansing agent) for the purpose of removing acne, fungi and dandruff.

  • Contains Tea Tree oil with anti-acne and anti-fungi properties.
  • Suitable for sensitive and greasy skins which suffer from acne.
  • Contains Coconut oil, for emollient purposes.-
  • Contains Lanolin, for preserving skin ُs moisture and more skin softening purposes.
  • Contains natural beeswax, which protects skin against cold, wind and unpleasant
  • Environmental elements.

    Because of the presence of “Terpinen-4-ol” in Tea Tree Oil, which is an anti-bacterial active ingredient, this oil reduces mild to moderate acnes considerably without any side effects of chemical medications.
    Beside itُ s anti-bacterial properties, this oil contains “Cineol” active ingredient with anti-fungus property and can be used against fungal skin discomforts.

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