a mild detergent, healing and emollient agent

  • Contains Aloe Vera extract for moisturizing and fresh feeling properties.
  • With skin healing properties and helps to reduce eczema disorders.
  • Contains Coconut oil, for emollient purposes.-
  • Contains Lanolin, for preserving skin ُs moisture and more skin softening purposes.
  • Contains natural beeswax, which protects skin against cold, wind and unpleasant
  • Environmental elements.

    Aloe Vera extract contains mineral contents such as “Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Cupper” and also Amino acids as well as vitamins. A, E, C vitamins with a slight amount of B family vitamins and Folic acid exist in this extract. There are also enzymes such as “Amylase, Lipase and Carboxy peptidase” with anti-inflammatory properties.
    It’s obvious advantage refers to high moisturizing virtue which stimulates “Macrophages” against microbes and increases circulation in damaged parts and as a result accelerates
    tissue’s remedy process.

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