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Protection against moisture & cold when changing diapers

  • Made from best material
  • With three separate layers to prevent exchange of cold & damp
  • Suitable for repeated washing
  • Portable desing for cariage in baby,s tote bag
  • Without any irritants
  • In light colors to show up dirt or grime
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • With different cartoon characters & colors
  • In two different designs with & without headrests


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Economic & hygienic for baby care

  • Made from pure cotton fibers, soft & smooth for baby’s comfort
  • quickly absorbs moisture
  • Suitable for repeated washing
  • Without any irritants
  • Best choice for baby’s delicate skin
  • Suitable for baby & environmental hygiene
  • Most economic for infant care
  • Packing in 2size(medium & large) each in 5 pcs.


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An economic & long lasting wrap for use with baby napkins or diapers

  • Made from best PVC material without any irritants
  • Soft & smooth with frequent washing
  • designed to preserve moisture, without damaging baby’s delicate skin
  • More cost effective than attachable or buttoned shorts and full diapers
  • Without elastic, buttons or any pressure points causing irritation
  • Packing in 3 size (small, medium& large) each in 5 pieces


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Soft Un-woven cloth for easy use with baby diaper

  • Soft & smooth, suitable for baby’s delicate skin
  • Facilitates diaper change & baby hygiene
  • Facilitates diaper wash, saves time and detergents
  • Without any irritants
  • Suitable for use over diaper
  • Packing in 50 pcs.


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Suitable for cleaning ear lobes, removing make up and pollutions form skin

  • Made from 100% pure & Hydrophile cotton
  • With flexible plastic stick
  • With good cotton to stick adhesion
  • Without any bacterial & irritant contamination
  • Suitable for cleaning ear lobes (visible part of ear cavity)
  • Suitable for make up removal especially around the eyes
  • Suitable for cleaning face
  • Suitable for application of ointments on wounds and its disinfections
  • Packing in 100 pcs.