DTA Attended the 34th Session of UN Human Rights Council

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Disability Association of Tavana (DTA) participated in the 34th session of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, the DTA Public Relations and International Affairs Department announced. Held from February 27th up to March 24th, 2017, the Council ratified 41 resolutions and presidential statements on a wide spectrum of issues.
Due to its advisory status at United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), DTA representatives participated in the UNHRC meeting in Geneva in order to get more acquainted with various aspects of this event and also to introduce and register DTA in the UN-associated agencies and departments. In addition, DTA endeavored to further enhance its interactions with various UN organs and the international entities, negotiate with peer organizations and associations, and talk with key personalities in the sidelines of this event. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, UN General Assembly Chief Peter Thomson, and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad were among the key personalities participating in this conference.
As its usual annual procedure, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV) in Iran held a meeting with a couple of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that had obtained advisory status from the UN and made necessary coordination for participating in the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. DTA along with 14 other NGOs were ultimately able to attend this event in the European headquarter of the UN in Geneva.
DTA read out its statement in the 4th day of meetings of the Council. “Human Rights” was UNHRC’s main theme for this year’s conference. However, this year’s conference was concurrent with the submission of reports by member states of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Therefore, the second week of the UNHRC’s conference was mainly concentrated on meetings and sessions which were dealing with issues related to the people with physical disabilities. Since issues related to the people with physical disabilities are amongst the most important human rights issues, different governmental departments from UNHRC member states that are dealing with such issues had dispatched their representatives to this event.
DTA was the only NGO associated with disabled people that was actively participating in the Council’s meeting.
DTA participated in one the meetings of the UNHRC in Geneva entitled “From Disability to Proper Job” and a video clip that was elaborating on potentials and capabilities of disabled people was shown to the audience.
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, DTA founder, delivered a speech in a panel on disabled people and said: “Influenced by the prevalent capitalistic outlook in the world, the majority of state infrastructures in our planet consider human beings as mere instruments in order to further increase their profits.” “Now, that I have access to capital, I prefer to introduce a new pattern of capitalism to the global community which is a divine pattern and based on celestial tenets,” Mousavi added. Elsewhere in his speech, the DTA founder pointed out: “Today, I am managing my company and factory based on this divine and celestial pattern. That is to say, the capital belongs to the almighty God and I am His lawyer on this capital.”
“Today, we are no longer able to settle global social problems, especially those problems that are affecting the lives of people with physical disabilities, through mere charities and donations. Rather, we are required to encourage the states to shift their outlooks towards disabled people and pay due attention their rights of citizenship,” he concluded.
Four DTA representatives participated in the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and delineated their association’s policies and objectives to the audience and managed to establish effective contacts with the representatives of participating international and regional organizations, as well as, peers and national entities from other countries.
By: Masoumeh Amedi

DAT participates in the conference “From Exclusion to Empowerment: Role of ICT for Persons with Disabilities -UNESCO conference, New Delhi”

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Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, chairman of the Board of Directors of DAT which was elected as an active NGO for people with disabilities participated in the conference in Delhi as the elected one.

The conference was held in New Delhi in India regarding to potential of the conference in updating and improving the knowledge and technology for experts in the field of disabilities.

“It is worthy to be organized the same actions in Iran like Delhi conference; since the same conference makes promotion of level of knowledge, information and technical ability of students and experts in the country. The presented proposal in the conference which was implemented experimentally did not respond the needs of people with disabilities and it should be replaced more comprehensive plans in order to lead to correction of society insight. One of the obvious cases in the conference included attending great companies which have made great measures with social approaches to empower people with disabilities” Mousavi said. He continued activities and contributions of participated companies should be supervised by UNESCO in order to be taken essential actions in line with NGOs activities.

Familiarity of NGOs in the field of disability is accounted as the considerable note of the conference and through organizing such conferences it was provided communicating and share of experiences effectively and permanently.

Mousavi pointing to the fact that “people with disabilities should be equipped through science and knowledge in order to be able to take the intellectual and scientific affairs in the community,” said “I believe that jobs divide in two categories, the first, affairs that are done by hands and the second that are accomplished through power of reason.”

DAT was established to change Society’s Attitude toward People with Disabilities

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“We established DAT in order to changing attitude of the society towards disabled people” said the chairman of the board of DAT in the meeting of Productivity Development Association.
Through the meeting of Productivity Development Association which was held in Social Security Organization, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi said we have established DAT based on several great goals including changing the attitude of the society towards the disabled people; since we believe limitation makes creative-being of people, According to Peyke Tavana.
Managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group added we shares our hearts and when I faced the cases which disabled ones had to go to the State Welfare Organization in Iran to receive 400,000R for a month as a salary; I had to ask them to be as employee in the factory to do cheap activities such as closing the shampoo bottles׳ caps while I prefer intellectual activities for them; but I have to employ them since I believe working is better than beggary.
The outstanding social entrepreneur mentioned that now I am involving building the Iran`s biggest project of recreations and tourism port in Noshahr city; in which through the project we have about 250 meter moving ahead in the sea and utilizing 10000 acre through a contract with Natural Resources Organization. Indeed through the project, all benefits are dedicated to support the education of the disabled ones and to prepare the ground so that disabled ones will have the opportunities to be university professor, lawyer and physician. Probably, this ground solves the problem of society management in the future.
Chairman of the board of DAT while criticizing the capitalism system uttered the world`s population was 2 billion in 60 years ago while within 60 years it reached to 7 billion. The population which needs fruits like strawberry in all the seasons. They manage the world in a way that creates disabled people. For the issues like water, plants, air pollution and like that, the seminars are held by them. During the last 60 years, the mentioned population has achieved fossil energy and they have established petrochemical industries and the derivatives were achieved in order to turn on their air conditioners through press of a button.
He continued in this system governors only think of their own government since their government is based on the capitalism. These governors have turned the world to a casino to achieve more capitals and resources. It is not important someone`s loss since they believe the gamble. The profitability is the base of financial principles of these companies. Automation is just for achievement of more profits and the religion has no place in such systems. The thoughts of capitalism have put the whole world in a trouble and the capitalists hold session on human rights and festivals on clean air; and they wants to ease the pains and give the solution.
Pointing to the ideal thinking of the managers in DAT, Mousavi said our outlook is not based on the capitalism and it is not based on the stock exchange. We do respect the consumers’ rights. Our company has been selected as the top company during 4 years. Success of our brand is due to people welcome indeed and there were nothing to us without people welcome.
The managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group pointing to his handicap said “I was appointed as the corps commander of Alborz industrial city in 1981 and I am familiar with the economy spirit and industry. Many people think that my disability refers to times when I was the corps commander and indeed I am self-sacrificing; but my handicap refers to infantile paralysis when I was 2 year old, so I am familiar with disability; accordingly my activities have the social approaches.
He added that the ideas clash in times of childhood and adolescence resulted my social behaviors. Up to age 7, the suitable behaviors of my family especially behaviors of my mother resulted to ignore my handicap. But as soon as I entered the school I faced the great trouble: the compassionate attitudes of people towards my handicap; so I believed that I have a great problem as a disabled one. Those who were good ones thanked the God when they faced me in coming out of the mosques. They thanked that they were not disabled ones like me.
Chairman of the board of DAT continued the mentioned ideas clash between the approaches of the family and the mistake approaches of the society resulted establishment of NGO called disability association of Tavana in 20 years ago which is considered as the unique association in the world based on admission of NGO department of the United Nations Organizations. Indeed the association is a member of DPI of the United Nations Organizations. I attended the office of UN in New York 2 months ago.
Dr. Sepehri delivered a speech about “objectives of stable development and efficiency” and stressed the promotion of stable and comprehensive economic development as well as preventing the environmental damages.
At the end of the conference, Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group, was awarded through certificate of appreciation by association of Labor and Social Security.

Chairman of DAT was appreciated in “The 10th National Conference of Quality & Productivity”.

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The Managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group and the Chairman of the ‘Disability Association of Tavana’ was appreciated in “The 10th National Conference of Quality & Productivity”.

On November 18, 2015, The 10th National Conference of Quality & Productivity was held in the IRIB int’l conference center. Some personalities including Dr. Seyed Hamid Kalantari the deputy of the Minister of Labor, Cooperative and Welfare in the cooperative section, Mehrdad Bazrpash the parliament member as well as some managers of Iranian industries participated in the conference.

Sayed Mohammad Mousavi, Managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group and the Chairman of the ‘Disability Association of Tavana’, said: quality and productivity is derived from the organization and economic cycle, but indeed human resources make creation of quality and productivity at organizations and in fact we must respect such attempts.

Raising the question of always looking to the Europe regarding economic planning, he added, In Firooz Hygienic Group we have considered humans wisely and not in an imperialistic views. We considered the capabilities of humans with physical limitations and asked them to have roles in economic activities.

Mousavi stressed that in Firooz Hygienic Group it is not produced only shampoo and soap but we present our 7 social approaches in the framework of industry.

Finally this top social entrepreneur was appreciated and he was rewarded by a certificate of appreciation.

It is worth mentioning that “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man”, which is a documentary based on the biography of Mousavi was broadcasted in the conference and the audience applauded him for his attempts in value towards capability of the disabled.

“Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” meets Alba Film Festival

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The Documentary film “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man“ that portraits lifetime of DAT׳s founder, managing director of Firooz Hygienic group as well as national outstanding entrepreneur, meets Alba Film Festival.

According to Peyk-e Tavana, the documentary film which has been produced based on the lifetime of Sayed Mohammad Mousavi, indicates that not only people with disabilities do not need to be pitied indeed; but also they can be successful in different affairs in society so that they make to create the situations for others in fields of their employment and independence.

The film narrates the lifetime of Sayyed Mohammad Mousavi, national outstanding entrepreneur as well as social activist in the field of the disabled, who finds different sight towards the handicap through his mother’s mental and moral support and indeed he engages in field of industry area and accordingly, he creates more than 600 fixed jobs for people with disabilities.

The film narrates the appropriate attitude towards people with disabilities as well as trust to their capabilities. The film shows that not only people with disabilities are not considered as the burden to a society, but also they can remove heavy problems of their societies through their activities and effectiveness.

In its first world attendance, the documentary “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” will compete with 21 documentary films from different countries in the section of Short Documentary Films Competition.

The documentary was screened at the National Film Festival of Industry and Technology and was rewarded for best directing; and through achievement of Alba International Film Festival, it is provided to screen in New York.

The documentary “Once Upon a Time There Was a Man” directing by Ata Mehrdad and Siavash Jamali will be screened at Alba Film Festival in New York in October 26 to 28, 2015.

The chairman of Tavana association`s Board of Directors recognizes as a national competent manager

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In the second national session of national competent manager, the chairman of Tavana association`s Board of Directors, association of people with disability, was honored as a national competent manager.
Peyk Tavana: On July 29th and in the second national session of national competent manager which was held with participation of experts, elite, and managers in IRIB international conference center, “Seyed Mohammad Mousavi” was distinguished as a national competent manager and was honored.
In this session, Mousavi said that making job positions is a type of Jihad in the way of Allah and asked entrepreneurs and employers to let people with disability show their abilities.
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi expressed that I am not only an entrepreneur but also Allah has given me opportunity to worry about and to involve in social issues. He added: “my organization and I consider industry as a means to solve the social problems.”
“Firooz is a brand which has competed with many different types of imported foreign brands with similar products and has overcome in the market based on the efforts of the disabled employees. It gives us great pleasure that Firooz products is well-known in whole of Iran and society has confirmed it”, Mousavi said as one of the best national entrepreneurs.
He pointed to this fact that more than 92% of employees of Firooz hygienic group are people with disability and implied that: “We do not use automation technology in our production line and so we can make jobs for people with disability although by this measurement the cost price of our products increases and marginal profit decreases.”
Mousavi said: “People with disability work in Firooz factory; they produce shampoo, soap, and other hygienic products. If our products are accepted in the society today and if Firooz is one of the biggest and the most powerful producer of the baby hygienic products, it is because of the endeavors and efforts of such dear people.”
Also, this social activist added:”I do not consider myself as the owner of the fund but I am the keeper of the fund and I try to give opportunity to the people with disability to have job and income.”

Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO visited DAT

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On the International Day of people with disabilities Iranian Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Dr Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi, and his accompanying delegation visited DAT to commemorate the International Day of people with disabilities.
Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi in visiting DAT said “Development is not possible without participation of all classes of society in the development axes and has no real meaning.” Saeidabadi and his accompanying delegation pointed to their attendance and familiarity with DAT as a great honor. He emphasized that development and popularity of a country depends on participation of all classes of the society.
“Surely people with disabilities are one of the society groups and although they have limitation in part of their mind or body, but they have capabilities at other parts that should be nurtured. He also stressed disability does not mean inability.” Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi added.
“People with disabilities should find their original positions in the society and it should be run appropriate approach to their abilities so that the authorities also believe it.” Iranian Secretary-General of National Commission for UNESCO continued.
Saeidabadi while emphasized that handicap is just limitation not inability said “DAT has a significant feature. It means that looking for central, basic, accurate and wisely work has been selected as the association caption.”
“DAT`s responsibility results empowerment of people with disabilities and introducing and internationalization of DAT`s view are considered as our duties” he added.
Saeidabadi described that “The right of Iranian disabled community`s expectations in the areas of education, accessibility and etc. should be raised and the experiences of DAT should be shared in other countries.”
By referring to unlimited achievements of athletes with disabilities in the world ranks he stated that “This issue indicates that people with disabilities attain to great success if they enjoy facilities and attention. He also said their success in sports, indicates their significant capabilities at other areas like science and economic and etc.
Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi continued “all NGOs throughout the country will be gathered as soon as possible and it is asked DAT to reflect its knowledge and experiences.”
At the end, he visited different parts of education, handicrafts, library, and media units, as well as production line of Firooz hygienic group and disabled employees in DAT.

Secretary-General’s Message for 2014

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This year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities focuses on the theme, “sustainable development: the promise of technology”.

Technology has changed the world, bringing knowledge within reach and expanding a range of opportunities. Persons with disabilities can benefit enormously from such advances, yet too many lack access to these essential tools.

As the international community works to develop an ambitious and inspiring post-2015 development agenda that leaves no-one behind, we must harness the power of technology for development for all.

Through adaptive, assistive and inclusive technology, persons with disabilities can make the most of their potential in their communities and in the workplace. Employers can harness technology to create an enabling environment for persons with disabilities to find productive employment and fully use their skills and capacities.

Technology can also help persons with disabilities caught up in natural disasters by making sure that critical information reaches them. Equally important, technology can help us include the particular needs of persons with disabilities in disaster preparedness and response.

Let us spare no effort to ensure that policies, programmes, guidelines and 21st century technologies are accessible to persons with disabilities, and sensitive to their perspectives and experiences. Together, let us work for a better future that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable for all.

Ban Ki-moon